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How to Build a Home/Holiday Rental & Booking Website?

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Whats Airbnb?

Airbnb is a vacation, holiday, property rental & booking website. It is popular all over the world as a home-sharing website using which a traveler can find properties owned by individuals in locations where they will be visiting. While Airbnb helps travelers find quick and safe accommodation, for property owners it gives a tremendous opportunity to convert their idle residential spaces into a potential revenue earning business. Even you can make a holiday cottage website like Airbnb with a vacation rental script.

Flowchart Depicting the Business Model of Airbnb

The host and visitor come in contact through Airbnb portal. The host can list his property by creating a listing complete with images, property size, monetization facilities, etc. The visitor on the other hand can use his social networking credentials to find suitable accommodation in his destination. Airbnb charges service fee from host and transaction fee from visitor for every successful booking. Add paragraph text here.

How Much Revenue Does Airbnb Gets?

Airbnb earns its revenue from two distinct sources:

  1. From listing fees collected from landlords.
  2. Transaction costs/booking fees collected from travelers

In 2013, Airbnb earned a gross revenue of $250 million and two years later in 2015 Wall Street estimates the home rental website is estimated to cross $850 million. The company management is also known to state that it will achieve incomes crossing $10 billion by 2020.

Need more figures and stats to convince you about the business potential that a vacation rental website like Airbnb has?

How Can I Make Money From This Airbnb Script Theme

Airbnb clone templates are available in large numbers from marketplaces like These clone templates offer identical, if not better features that websites like airbnb are popular for. With the help of the best Airbnb clone script, anybody can set up a Home/holiday cottage rental & booking website software that will become a hit on the Internet. No serious technical expertise is required to create a holiday/home rental booking website like Airbnb using these clones. These holiday cottage rental website templates are easy to use, are highly customizable and come with a plethora of options that rival a website like Airbnb.

          With the help of a holiday cottage rental script you can earn revenue from 4 different sources:

Revenue from holiday rental booking script

How Do I Make an Airbnb Like Website Design?

Unlike in the earlier days, now to create a holiday cottage rental website like Airbnb, a home rental script is more than sufficient.

Nowadays, it has become a lot easier to build a holiday cottage rental website like Airbnb using a home rental script web solution. A holiday rental website template is nothing but an executable program that can be executed immediately to launch a website that functions identical like Airbnb. The property rental booking script comes with a range of user friendly features like hourly booking, commission splitting, user reviews, payment gateway integration and much more. Take for instance, Apphitect a rental booking script which comes with one year free cloud hosting and more than 150+ payment gateways which ensures that your clone theme based website works impeccably to earn revenues.

How Much Does it Cost to Build Airbnb like Holiday Rental Website?

The cost to build Airbnb like holiday rental website will be around $10000 to $15000. Custom web development may prove to be even costlier if customization and performance enhancements are to be added to the website. On the flip side, one may even opt for a readymade custom script with all features like Airbnb.

The cost for a bug-free and reliable readymade script starts from $599 onwards.

Apphitect Holiday Rental Script - A Multipurpose Booking & Rental Software

Apphitect holiday rental script

Apphitect, a ready made Magento script is built to catalyze the development of a Holiday cottage booking & rental marketplace. In order to achieve this, Apphitect home rental script has been turned cloud ready which helps the website owner to go live instantly on Amazon cloud.

Admin-friendly features

1 year free hosting on Amazon cloud, Dashboard that keeps informing the latest happenings in the vacation rental website, double up ROI via commission fee, processing fee and property listing fees, video support in homepage, social login for hosts & users, multiple language, currency and payment gateway support, adaptive payment split to share revenue between admin and host etc.

Host-friendly features

Exclusive profile pages for property owners, multiple notification settings to get updated on user activity, provision to turn a property into a trusted & verified staying place by providing legal verification documents, provide subscription basis booking for travellers, provision for adding additional information like amenities, rules or special fees, edit their own profiles, moderate reviews, social share buttons etc.

Apphitect Holiday Rental Script benefits travelers with

Smart search bar with location, day, date, time options and google maps integration, reviews, ratings, related property suggestions, trusted property listing, most popular property listing, wishlist creations, communication system to directly get in touch with property owners, track trip list, currency switcher, advanced filters for property search etc.

Apphitect Property rental script has rolled out more interesting updates.

What’s New?

Home Page Video Banner

Make them fall in love at first sight. With HQ home page video banners, chances are high that your visitors will fall in love with your property even before they arrive in person for the vacation.

Holiday Rental Script - Build a Holiday cottage website

Recently incorporated features that make a difference:

  1. What is ‘Most popular” amidst all visitors? Give your guests the possibility of exploring the most frequented and admired properties with ‘Most Popular’ and featured properties.
  2. Listen to your customers by reading their reviews under ‘Reviews about You’ section.
  3. Pitch in the idea of visiting the property to your friends. Each referral that materializes will be rewarded with points to the guest.

Get Free Sales Boosting Add-ons

Free Add-ons - Develop a Home Rental & booking website

Apphitect holiday rental booking software is accompanied by free sales boosting add-ons that further ramp up its utility as a vacation rental & booking website template.

Functional requirements incorporated for admins:

Increase your bank balance by earning revenue from the following sources:

  • Commission
  • Processing fees
  • Property listing fees

We have just touched the surface of all the extensive features available with an Airbnb clone website. Stay logged into the space to know more about the unbelievable features that will take your business to new heights.


Curious about what more needs to be done to build an property, house, holiday cottage rental booking website like Airbnb?

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